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The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, Inc. (VHMA) was formed in 1981 to provide individuals actively involved in Veterinary Practice Management a means of effective communication and interaction. Our membership is comprised of Hospital Administrators, Practice Managers, Office Managers, Veterinarians, Consultants, and others interested in veterinary management.

Individual Membership $195

Veterinary practice owners and veterinary practice personnel who spend at least 75% of their time either in the direct conduct of veterinary medicine or who have direct responsibility for the management and day-to-day operation of one or more veterinary hospitals.
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Team Membership $195 for the first member, $125 per subsequent member

Veterinary practice owners and veterinary practice management personnel actively involved in the same practice, each of whom spends at least 75% of the time practicing veterinary medicine or veterinary practice management. Each organization or practice may have an unlimited number of persons per membership and each person shall have one vote in VHMA affairs. 
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Consultant Membership $195

Individuals and companies who provide management or other specific services on a contractual basis to veterinary hospitals.
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Student Membership $125

Student is defined as one who is enrolled in the professional curriculum of veterinary medicine or business management at a recognized university or college and who is not eligible for membership in any other membership category.
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Student - Internet Access Only - FREE

Veterinary management students enrolled in an accredited college may receive a one-time complimentary, internet access only, membership to the VHMA. Regular membership terms and conditions apply.  Student - Internet Access Only members receive internet access only, membership discounts and other benefits do not apply.
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VHMA's membership year runs from January 1 through December 31.  Applications received after October 1 will include the following membership year.  Applications received before October 1 are not pro-rated.

VHMA DUES are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes; however, dues may be deducted as business expenses at 100%.  VHMA does not participate in any lobbying activities.

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